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to buy a puppy from us

Everyone who is interested in buying a puppy from us, I want to have a contact with and meet in person. For us, it is important that the personal chemistry is correct and that we can trust that you give the puppy a good life. Of course we also want to follow you and the puppy through life. The puppies live in our house and when they get a little older they can come out on the farm where we have a big nice paddock for them. We also work a lot with social training the puppies e.g. that they get to meet other people, children and we also practice car driving.


Mental and physical health are important in our breeding. When you as a puppy buyer come to pick up your puppy at 8 weeks of age, they are:

- Dewormed 3 times

- Veterinary inspected (as old as 7 days)

- Vaccinated

- Chipped

- Hidden faults insured for 3 years

- Passport included

- Underwent a mental test (for more information)


It is me, Lisbeth who chooses which puppy will be just yours based on experience, family situation, interest in e.g. exhibition, competitions etc. Trying to satisfy your own wishes but I will always have the last word.


At 8 weeks of age, the puppies begin to move to their new homes in agreement with their new owners.


For the best future of the breed, I want all my puppy buyers to x-ray their hips and elbows and examine the patella at 18-24 months of age. As these results are important for my future breeding and the well-being of the dogs.


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