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Mental description puppy (MV)

The purpose of describing puppies is to eventually get a basis, which can be evaluated and be a complement to the mental description dog (MH). Mental descriptions of puppies are also intended to be a help to the breeder in choosing suitable puppy buyers.


All results from a specific litter are under the litter's own page under puppies from the C-litter onwards ...




Mental description puppy is made when they are 7-9 weeks old and gives a description of the puppy's behavior in specific situations. The description is performed in an isolated space where the puppy has not been before or in an enclosure outdoors. The rest of the puppy litter and the bitch must be out of earshot from the description site so that the puppy is not disturbed. There should be as few spectators as possible when the description is carried out. The recommendation is that a third person films and that you watch the film together after the description has been completed. The mental description of the puppy should not be done in the next few days after vaccination and deworming and it should also have been an hour or so since the last feeding. If it is a large litter, it is good to take a break so the puppies can eat and sleep or to share the litter and complete the description for two days instead.



The description contains 11 elements where the puppy descriptor, among other things, describes the puppy's behaviors; interest / curiosity, greeting, contact, playfulness, form of arrest, ability to act and anxiety. The description ends with the puppy descriptor estimating how active and safe the puppy has been during the steps. The breeder estimates how active the puppy is in everyday life and in relation to other puppies in the litter. The puppy descriptor must be a person that the puppies have not met before.




During the mental description, it is also observed whether the puppy has shown resource defense, whether it has done otherwise during the description and whether the puppy has been loud for half or more than half the time. There is also room for further comments at the end of the protocol which are important for e.g. breeder.

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